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Job Hunter Types – Which One Are You?

August 12, 2015

[ ME GUSTA! ] Esto es lo que yo llamo un EMPRESA IDEAL ➜ all know that finding the best job for us is not easy, and since everyone is different, acquiring the perfect job is certainly a unique process on its own. Of course, job hunters are also different to one another, however there are categories that show exactly how people behave when they go job hunting.

So, which types of job hunters are exactly there, and how can you identify yourself as a part of a certain group?

Unemployed job seekers

This is the category that includes most of those persons that want to get a job right now. The unemployed job seekers are those that sit at home, in front of the computer or go from one company to another looking for a job. As an unemployed job seeker, you need to try and do whatever it takes in order to train yourself and obtain the best possible results. Of course, the employers are expecting a lot from the unemployed job seekers, because these are those persons with the available time to improve their skills.

Employed job seekers

Having a job might not be enough most of the time, and this is why the employed job seekers appear. The main idea here is that even with a job, you might find yourself unhappy about the current workplace, and you might want to change something. The best way to do that in this regard is to continue working at the current job you have, even if you use it as the means to pay the bills, but at the same time you can focus on searching for jobs at home. As an employed job seeker, it can be a little tricky to get to interviews, so do try to be selective and choose only those jobs that you really want, because there will be some that will be a complete waste of time.

Freelance job seekers

This is a special category! Not all people that work from home are successful, and because of that they have to search for a new job. This does require some time to search for the new job, but freelancers can do that at home. Of course, if they do get a small job they will do it, which makes them semi-employed.


No matter the job hunter type you identify yourself as being a part of, you can rest assured that you will like the results at all times. Remember that as a job hunter, your main focus should be checking out employment opportunities, so check the web, newspapers and other similar sources. They will help you acquire the jobs you want a lot faster, and the results will be amazing right from the start. See these categories and identify which one is the one closest to what you are and what you do.


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Tips to Enrich Your Job Hunting Toolbelt

July 12, 2015

BLM Employees at WorkProfessionals can’t do anything without their tools, so when you do go job hunting, you need to make sure that you prepare yourself with the proper tools. But which are these and how they can actually help us? Let’s see!

A solid resume

We need to create a good, well formatted resume that includes all the important information about us and, the most important thing, we need to save it on a computer, portable device or any other similar tool. The main idea is that we do have to bring our resume with us at all times.

Complete portfolio

When you get hired somewhere, people do want to see what you did previously. The best way to do that is to create a complete portfolio. A portfolio shows your experience, what you did, how you work and it just helps you sell your skills in the best possible way. If you want to get the best results, then this will help you for sure.

A computer

If you want to stay in touch with the interviewers, apply for jobs and search jobs on the market, then what you have to do is to get a computer. Opt for one that’s portable, as this will be even more helpful! Keeping your CV, portfolio and other important stuff on the computer is very important, and it shows that you are a professional that does care about the way he is presented.

A suit/professional clothing

You can’t go to a job interview in sneakers and sweats, you need to be dressed professionally, so a suit will help you show that you are indeed eager to work at that company and that you respect them. Get professional clothing if you don’t have it, as this should be included in the arsenal of any potential employee.

A functional pen

Believe it or not, but you do need a pen sometimes. You might need to take notes, sign something and so on. Sure, it sounds silly at first, but it doesn’t hurt to be prepared for everything, and having a pen is a very good idea. Remember that, in the end, your image does matter, and with the help of a pen you will show that you are an organized person worthy of attention.

Thank you notes

Sure, they might seem outdated, but in the end you do need such a thing, since they help you get the upper hand in the career industry. Do try and use them as often as possible, they send a nice message to the other persons and just bring in a peaceful, nice message!

In conclusion, these are the best things that you should have when you go job hunting. The process might be hard at first, but with the help of these tools you will make job hunting easier, so take them into account and strive to obtain the best possible results!


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How Can You Spot the Perfect Time to Quit Your Job?

June 17, 2015

job photo

There are many situations in our lives when working in the same place feels boring and we just want something new, a fresh start, a place where we do feel like we matter and where we can make a difference. In this article we are going to focus on some of the best signs that show you when you need to quit your job and get a new one!

You lack passion

When you lose passion, then it’s game over! Passions should strive you to do anything in your life, if passion is lacking, then you need to quit and just do something else, clearly!

You don’t feel like going to work

If the morning comes and you just don’t want to go to work, then this is a clear sign that you should quit your job as fast as possible and find a new one that you will enjoy working for.

You dislike the colleagues

In order for you to be productive, you need to feel welcomed and right at home at your workplace. If by any means you feel that your current job does not bring you the amount of respect you want, then quitting is the best possible option.

The company culture does not suit you and you don’t believe in it

This clearly shows that your involvement in the company is minimal, so finding a new workplace might indeed be the thing you need the most.

You can’t bring your best

If your work performance suffers, then this is yet another thing showing you that you have to quit. Productivity is essential for you as a person as well as an employee, so if you do lack productivity, just find a new workplace.

You can’t find a life-work balance

When you feel overworked and actually work a lot at home as well as the workplace, then you start hating your job. You need to establish boundaries, and quitting your job might be the best option, if you can’t find other solution.

You feel that your skills aren’t used

We all want to put our skills to good use, but there are situations and companies where they are stagnating. Of course, this is something we want to avoid, so we have to continually improve our skills and, if possible, use them to obtain astounding results.

More duties, but the same pay

When you get more work, you do want to be paid better, of course. But if your current workplace exploits your abilities and doesn’t remunerate you properly, then you have to find a new job.

You can’t speak up for yourself and be heard

A good employee will feel valued and his ideas will always be heard. The main idea here is that if you are not listened at all, you should focus on finding a new job.

As you can see, there are many ways you can see that it’s a perfect time to quit your job. Bottom line, if you just feel disrespected, or just find a constant stress when you work, then finding a new job is a very good idea, so don’t hesitate and do that, you will surely appreciate the outcome!

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5 Valuable Job Hunting Tips During the Holiday Season

June 12, 2015

Career word cloud

Sometimes, life just doesn’t count if you prepare for the holidays or have a birthday for example, instead you might find yourself without a job. Don’t worry though, even during the holiday period you will still be able to find a job, as long as you put your mind to it and work hard.

  1. Don’t stop looking even if it’s December.

Sure, the end of the year is coming, but there are many managers that want to start the new year with fresh employees and a new perspective. There are many job searches going on during December, so it’s a very good idea to continue job hunting right until Christmas, because you are bound to win some great job this way. You will see that interviews still take place during this period and numerous job ads can be found online, so you will surely like the result.

  1. There’s less competition

Just like you probably wanted to do before reading this article, many people are giving up and instead try to prepare for the holidays. Don’t do that, you will lose a ton of opportunities this way. There are many jobs that are looking for a candidate which has to fill them quickly, so you have to try and find a job at all times. Especially in such a situation when the competition is scarce to begin with.

  1. Flexibility

Of course, since the holidays are closing in, the interview times might vary, but do try and be professional as well as flexible, because in the end only great results can come out of this. With professionalism you can go a long way, and the results will be much appreciated in this regard.

  1. If you get hired around this time, you won’t start until the new year

Most of the time, when you get hired during the holidays, you will have time to spend with your family, because you will be free during the holidays. You do need training and other stuff that only current employees can provide, so if they are on holiday, you will be on holiday as well.

  1. Patience

You will need to wait sometimes before you get invited for an interview, so go job hunting and be patient, the results you seek are right in front of you! Patience is a great virtue in this regard, just wait to be contacted.

In conclusion, even if you might want to get hired during the holidays, you don’t have to despair, there are many opportunities that you can take full advantage of, just continue to search for jobs up until Christmas, because there is a very high demand for workforce during the holidays. Most fields of work are recruiting in December, so you do need to make the most out of this and ensure that you are on the winning side!

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Which is Better? Higher pay or better benefits?

May 23, 2015

In the past few years, one of the issues that has plagued the employment world is definitely the battle between higher pay or better benefits. People always want to have the best of both worlds, but most of the time this just will not happen, and instead they are stuck with one of the two, which in the end is not that big of a deal to be honest.

Of course, when you do need to take a decision and opt for one of the two, this is where things tend to get a little complicated. Higher pay is important, because we do get a job so that we can have money and engage ourselves in a variety of experiences and at the same time provide support for our family. Higher pay is very important at all times, as thanks to it we can afford more things, purchase items and so on.

On the other hand, a higher pay does come with a few mishaps. For example, if you have a higher pay, then sometimes this will lack all the benefits, something that most of the time is not ok. You will then have to find a way to pay these benefits yourself, which means that you will use the higher pay to cover expenses, something that in the end might bring you back to a similar outcome.

Benefits are equally as important, in fact, when you do consider a job offer, you will need to study the whole package, and not only the salary, as you might miss some essential things.

Through benefits, you will receive things such as dental, medical and insurance coverage, not to mention that at the same time you will have the opportunity to figure out the best way to retire as well, through some great retirement plans.

Having such a coverage in case anything happens is a very good thing and this is why many persons are actually choosing better benefits instead of a higher pay. It’s supposed to be expected because normally you will have to pay a lot of money on your own in order to cover such expenses, especially in the case of insurance. Through work benefits, any person can save money, so this is why most persons tend to settle with the a lower pay, as long as these benefits are included into the package.

Sure, this doesn’t happen all the time, as you will encounter multiple situations in which great salaries come with a good benefit package as well. However, most of the time people have to choose between higher pay or a better set of benefits, and in this regard better benefits seems to be the obvious choice. A good thing, considering that it’s more important to be protected from harm with medical or long term benefits instead of receive more pay and having to cover those expenses on your own!

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Why work from home?

April 2, 2015

It wasn’t that long ago when working from home was considered just a dream. Sure there were people who had their own businesses and could enjoy this luxury but for individuals having a regular job at some organization, working from home was not even an option. But thanks to the advent of internet, this option is available to almost every individual today. So why should you even consider working from home? Well let’s find out!

“It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.”

Albert Einstein

Working from home has tons of advantages. The biggest of all is probably the independence that comes with it. When working from home you are independent to configure your own work schedule. This means that you have the ability to assign specific work hours that you deem suits your daily routine best. This level of independence will not only allow you to have more personal time but will also give you a chance to spend more time with your friends and family and fulfill your commitments, something that most of us don’t get the time to do simply because of our tiring work schedule.

Another very important aspect of working from home is the money you wills save that would have been otherwise used in transportation costs. Because you will be working from home you won’t have to make the long expensive trips to a particular office. All your work would be easily accessible from your home. All you would need is a computer and a decent internet connection. And you are all set to go.

Working from home will also shelter you from the frustrating office politics and other various distractions that could prove to hinder your work performance. When working from home, you have the independence of working whenever you want and however you want with no one to boss you around. This environment will help you be more productive and hence earn more money while you are at it.

“You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.”

Rahm Emanuel

All in all, working from home, with all its perks and advantages, is inevitably a dream come true. You now have the chance to spend your life in the exact way you want it to spend it while making the more money then you did before. So act now and make the most of this precious opportunity to enjoy your work life in the full sense of it.

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6 Unwritten Rules on Job Searching

March 28, 2015

Searching for a job can be an amazing experience, and something that you will truly enjoy most of the time. However, there are numerous things that you need to take into account when you search for a job, that go way beyond polishing your resume and creating a relevant cover letter.

Be organized

This is crucial when you look for a job, because you need to know exactly where you applied for a job, the skills necessary there, and you also need to keep in touch with all the persons you met. This way you can create new contacts, and at the same time you can track the interview date, application date and so on. As you can see, there’s a lot of data to be processed here, and you can easily manage everything in a better fashion if you are better organized, something you will truly enjoy at all times.

Ask for advice

We aren’t created to know everything, so there will definitely be situations in which you might need to ask for help. Others will help you, of course, but be sure to choose your questions wisely and pay complete attention to maintain your image and reputation. Don’t ask for too many things at once, so choose your questions wisely as this is crucial.

Apply only for the jobs you want

Sometimes, job hunting might make you desperate and you will try to find multiple jobs, some of which you might not want. A good idea here is to make sure that you apply only for the jobs you do like and want, as this is a much better way to get the job you want. Be honest with yourself and your abilities, and select only job that suits your needs and portfolio, as this is a much better way to get the results you seek faster.

Be honest

Honesty is essential when you look for a job, because this is the only way to succeed. Let’s face it, everyone tells the best about themselves when they have an interview, so you need to be honest and showcase your weaknesses alongside your strength, because most employers appreciate your honesty and because of that you are bound to get some very impressive results in the end.


Another good idea is to constantly observe how you are treated and how is the workplace, as this will show you if you truly fit there or not. Remember though that observation is key so don’t be too obvious when observing the surrounding areas!


During the job searching process, you need to continually try and learn more, while at the same time find out more about the industry you want to work in. Learning is essential because you always want to break the boundaries and obtain higher quality results. This way you can also get a better job as well, so it’s a win-win situation.

You will need to follow these rules to the letter if you want to succeed, but rest assured that the results will be worth it. So don’t hesitate and be honest, better organized and ask for help when needed, as you are bound to get impressive jobs this way!

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10 Important Resume Tips You Should Know

March 11, 2015

Writing a resume can be a tedious job however, since the resume represents you in front of any business, you need to make sure that the resume is created with a high quality in mind. This is why we have created a set of 10 resume tips that will help you get the best possible chance in front of your competition and receive astounding results.

  1. Maintain professionalism

Sure, the resume represents you, but you have to be certain that you represent yourself as a man that is well prepared for you field of work, so avoid any gimmicks, funny mail addresses or adding something funny inside the resume.

  1. Target the resume

The main idea here is that you should try and target your resume towards the field of work of your employer, as this shows that you are committed to the job and this will bring astounding results in the end.

  1. Define your skills

No one knows your skills better than you, so try to use your power in order to present them properly. Avoid overusing adjectives and instead focus on bringing a positive impression.

  1. Self-promotion

You need to promote your strengths through the resume, so showcase things that only you can brag about, but also at the same time try to avoid being too unprofessional, since this can easily backfire in time, and that is something you want to avoid at all costs.

  1. Quality over quality

Adding too much info that might also be irrelevant is very hard to do, and because of that, such a thing can lead to having a boring, unreadable resume. Remove the clutter and you are bound to have a much more successfully resume.

  1. Great spelling and grammar

Upon reading, the last thing that the employer wants to see is a grammar check, so it’s important to proofread the content as many times as possible in order to ensure that everything is displayed correctly and that it makes sense.

  1. Consistency

You have to maintain a logic when you write a resume, because this way you will be able to make it easier to read and that’s all that matters to be honest. If you can and have such a thing, don’t be shy to add your achievements, skills and other personal information that you find relevant.

  1. Avoid talking about money

If you specifically state that you are in for the money, then you have a disadvantage right from the start. Instead, focus on having an explanation when it comes to aspirations.

  1. Add an objective to the resume

Plain resumes are interesting, but if you manage to add an objective you can easily get much better results and this does make a difference as time passes.

  1. Keep it short

Add only the important stuff and avowing being way too detailed when it comes to information. Employers won’t read that much other than previous experience and your skills, so don’t waste your time on something that might not be read in the first place.

In conclusion, there are quite a lot of interesting tips that you can follow in order to obtain a better resume. In the end, it’s all about making sure that you stand out in front of your competition, so don’t hesitate and instead do your best in order to make the most out of your resume with the help of our tips.

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5 Job Hunting Myths Debunked

March 4, 2015

In the job hunting world, there are numerous factors that will, many times, try to put you down at all costs. Unfortunately, you can encounter these quite often, so it’s up to you to make sure that you find the best job for you while also avoiding the myths that appear on this market. In this article we are going to debunk 5 of the most widely encountered myths about job hunting.

  1. If no one is hiring, why bother?

Sure, the unemployment rate might be on the rise, but there are always job on the market, and even if some require other skills, you are free to learn them. If you do want to find a job, then make that your full time job and works day and night repeatedly in order to find the best possible option that you can. In the end, you’ll find a job only if you truly want to make that happen, so don’t stop searching, you will surely be able to find what you are looking for eventually.

  1. I have no experience, no one will hire me.

This couldn’t be further from the truth. Many companies actually prefer people that just graduated mainly because they have fresh knowledge and unlike the older persons, these are eager to work and sometimes pull in extra hours.

  1. Only the web brings results in job hunting

Sure, the web is surely one of the best methods you can use in order to find a job, but the reality is that you need to use newspapers as well as other sources of media too, because only when you combine all of them you can be certain of having access to all the best jobs out there.

  1. Is one page enough for the resume?

Most of the time one single page will be more than enough, because the experience can be compacted, and in the end this is all that matters. However, the resume can be longer if you do have a lot of content and experience, so do keep that in mind at all times if you want to create a long resume. Just make sure to add only the important stuff in order to avoid making it boring.

  1. The resume speaks for me

In fact, it doesn’t, so you are the one that needs to come to the interview and show the employer that what you said in the resume is true and that you can help the company lead astounding results in the end.

As you can see, job hunting can be very challenging, but now that you know the answer to these myths, you will be able to better understand what you need to do in order to get the most out of your job hunting experience!

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5 Job Hunting Mistakes That You Need To Avoid

February 25, 2015

Have you just finished graduating and want to find a job or you were fired and want to see which is the best workplace for you? Then this is one of those moments in which you need to perform job hunting.

This is a process which can prove to be quite tedious as time passes, and unfortunately you won’t be able to obtain great results right off the bat. However, there are a multitude of mistakes that many of us tend to do when searching for a job, and in this article we are going to focus on 5 of the most important ones, so you can avoid them!

  1. Applying for everything and anything

Let’s face it, we have a limited set of skills, and applying for just about any job under the sun just shows that we are desperate, especially if we aren’t qualified for that said job. This makes the whole job hunting process a lot harder to manage, since you need to keep track of multiple applications, and at the same time it also removes the focus. The best way to combat this problem is to apply for a job that suits your skills, experience and expertise, as this is the best possible way to succeed.

  1. Typos

Having a perfect grammar is essential because employers to read your resume and written content thoroughly to inform themselves about you and your capabilities. If you have typos, then this will place you in a disadvantage right from the start. Instead, try to proofread your resume and written content multiple times as this is really helpful.

  1. The lack of an online presence

Let’s face it, 15-20 years ago not having a website or at least online presence was ok, since the web was in its early days. Nowadays, anyone can own a website, and this means that you can create a great portfolio website where you can add your own resume, experience, portfolio, samples and so on. Not only this makes you look like a professional, but in many situations it will bring the final advantage that will lead towards getting the job.

  1. Unprofessional mail address

Many of us tend to create funny mail addresses for personal use, but add these on a CV. Doing so will automatically show that you are unprofessional. The best way to fix this is to create a professional mail address as fast as possible, since this will help a lot and provide you with some extraordinary results in the end.

  1. Relying on a single strategy for all applications

This is a very bad idea, because each job is different by nature, so you just can’t see all of them as a single one. Try to tailor your strategies based on each job, and then choose the one that suits your expertise and experience the best possible way.

All in all, making mistakes when job hunting is a natural thing, as we are humans, but you do need to make sure that you avoid the mistakes we talked about in this article. These can have some catastrophic results, so instead do your best and follow our advice if you want to achieve success during job hunting!

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